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I Have Found It Very Effective For Covid!

I have found that Zinda Tilismath is effective in the treatment of Covid infection. I experienced Covid symptoms in February and zinda tilismath helped me recover, I am recommending it to all my near and dear ones.

- Syed Farhat

Been Using Zinda Tilismath For Generations!

We use it for mild cold, cough, sore throat, headache and stomach upset. My grandmother used it for her children, my parents for us and I for my children. Always effective for minor issues.

- Dee Bhowmick

Been Using This My Entire Life!

Using this my entire life - very useful when you have colds and nasal congestion! A few drops drunk with hot water also helps soothe sore throats better than many other products. Can be used for steam inhalation as a decongestant. Great for headaches. Soothes toothaches as well.

- Shajeeh Siddiqui

I am so glad that is becoming available on Amazon!

This product has been used by my family since 7years now. We used to order it through some people from Hyderabad earlier but now Amazon has made that much easier. This is an amazing cure for acidity patients and for headache as well. Much much much better than allopathy medicines.

- Muskan

Best Remedy I’ve Come Across Since The Last 30 Years!

Best product for common ailments like cold, flu and headaches. I've been using this product from last 30 years and it's the most effective medicine I have come across so far.

- V C Saikiran

Excellent For Everything!

Amazing product. excellent for almost all purpose..be it fever, stomach pain or headache..the list goes endless. i use it for both internal as well as external purpose.

- KS Vijay

Effective For All Regular Illnesses Without Any Harm!

Ive known this product for more than the last 40 years. It has been useful & effective in almost all regular illnesses. No harms

- Sunil

A Wonder Medicine!

It’s a wonder medicine. I apply it when I have the intuition that I might have cold. It prevents cold and cough. It’s good for curing cold too. A must buy.

- Rimzhim Mohanty

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